Abstracts and Schedule

I'm happy to announce that we already have the (almost) complete list of contributions and a provisional schedule for the presentations. Also, we invite new participants to cover the two empty slots for talks. Please, don't hesitate to contact for any question or rearrangement.

We encourage all participants to share the content of their contribution, event first abstracts, through the display system when it's available. Will open a second call to attend the talks and participate in the workshop, with and without display contribution. We are still looking for contributions from the industry site and administration. We'll appreciate the dissemination of the event.


Micromechanics, Statistics and Hazards of Mechanical Failure

Oct. 19-22, 2020

The interdisciplinary and intersectoral virtual workshop “Micromechanics, statistics, and hazards of mechanical failure” aims to establish a common understanding of the theoretical foundations and the practical characterization of avalanche phenomena and failure in mechanical systems, stimulating new interdisciplinary collaborations between professionals and scholars working in different areas and contexts. We invite contributions on the study of: transformation events in crystalline and amorphous solids; fracture in heterogeneous materials and rocks; structural failure of engineered constructions; rock-falls, landslides and snow avalanches; natural and anthropogenic seismicity, and any other processes related to mechanical failure. This workshop is sponsored by the AXA Research Fund, through the project RehMechFail.

The Book of Abstracts is available here.